How To Spread Your Idea

We live in a world with information overload. There are too many choices and too much information coming at us faster than we can possibly process. In such a scenario how can you grab the attention of your target audience? Marketer Seth Godin makes some very important points in his 2007 TED talk which are still relevant today half a dozen years later. Godin says it’s important to stand out and be different and provide a product or service that is remarkable. Mass marketing is where you make average products for average people and advertise to the masses but then nobody remembers your message as it doesn’t stand out. Instead he says you must target early adopters, they are the ones that will likely to listen to what you have to say. If you sell to them, maybe they will spread the word to people they know and information about your product will spread one person at a time and soon will catch on.

And in order for the early adopter to notice – your product or idea needs to be remarkable; because early adopters are people that are passionate about the things they love, they will go that extra mile for the things they believe in and love. And once you they’re completely in on your idea, they will spread the word for you because they love your product so much, they want to share it with their friends.

Are you a budding entrepreneur with a good idea? Take it from good to exceptional or remarkable and target the section of your audience who are likely to be early adopters!

Author: Reena

I'm a Marketing & Advertising strategist and consultant with a love and eye for great design. I have also finally ventured into e-commerce entrepreneurship with encouragement from my other half. I will be sharing my journey, knowledge and lessons learned on this blog. Please connect with me and let me know your thoughts if anything on here inspires you to do so. - Reena

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